what’s the best gift for my female friend who study aboard and come back to vietnam this july?

A great gift for your female friend who is coming back to Vietnam this July would be a special occasion gift basket. This gift basket could include items that will remind her of her time studying abroad and of her home country. You could fill the basket with items such as a travel journal, a personalized postcard from her new destination, a special souvenir, a map of her travels, and a photo album of memories. Additionally, you could include items that are unique to Vietnam such as a traditional Vietnamese tea set, a set of chopsticks, and a traditional Vietnamese silk scarf. These items will not only remind her of her home country but will also be a reminder of her time abroad. Furthermore, you could include a gift card to a local restaurant, a book of Vietnamese recipes, or a box of traditional Vietnamese candy to complete the gift basket. This special occasion gift basket will be a thoughtful reminder of her travels and of the comfort of home.


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