Draw how a dragon devours the Moscow Kremlin. Flames fly from his mouth to the tower of salvation

The Moscow Kremlin was no match for the dragon as it descended from the skies and devoured the ancient fortress. Its massive wings spread wide, the dragon unleashed a torrent of flames that illuminated the night sky, engulfing the Kremlin in a fiery blaze. The tower of salvation, the tallest structure in the Kremlin, was no exception, and soon it too was consumed by the dragon’s flames. The dragon circled the Kremlin, ensuring that every inch of the fortress was destroyed, before flying away into the night.

The people of Moscow watched in horror as their beloved fortress was destroyed in a matter of minutes. The dragon’s destruction left a gaping hole in the city’s landscape, a reminder of the power and destruction that can be unleashed in an instant. The destruction of the Moscow Kremlin was a tragic event, but it also serves as a warning to never underestimate the power of dragons.


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